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Rainy Day Betty | Greeting Card


This greeting card is perfect for the fun and quirky people in your life! Rainy Day Betty wishes a joyful "Have a Nice Day" to everyone she meets. Let someone in on the secret of the Wild!

Whether it's a just because card or a special occasion such as a family get together, birthday or just to support the postal system! Rainy Day Betty is prepared to bring a smile to the face of a special, colorful someone!

Learn more about Rainy Day Betty's adventure by clicking here!

Each greeting card is stamped with the Wonderful Wild Souls logo on the back and is blank inside to deliver your own handwritten message.

Spread the happiness the old fashioned way through the snail mail! Each card comes with a white envelope. The card measures 5" x 7" and can be used to attach to a gift or party favor.

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