The Original Wonderful Wild Soul

Jess McGregor and Jonathan McGregor - Meet JessJess Emery-McGregor is a designer, illustrator and cat lover. Her home and heart lie in the Midwest of the USA. Her history is rooted in art and has developed into a full-blown career as a graphic designer. Her work combines her love of bright colors, quirky things and creativity.

She stalks many designers and illustrators on Instagram, but the ones that influence her work the most are Jessica Hische, Lauren Hom and Mary Kate McDevitt. Her work has been inspired by these unique individuals' passion which fuels her own drive to create something that she truly loves – something she can use to spread positivity to others.

She desires for her work to be relatable and accessible to the masses. If she can make one person smile because of the influence her artwork had on them, then she will have done her job. Her work represents the happiness and diversity life brings.

She lets her pencil guide her rather than having an exact plan of what she wants each creature to look like. Their personalities reveal themselves to her as she illustrates them.

Wonderful Wild Souls is an original illustration series. Just your friendly neighborhood monsters looking for a home!

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