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My name is Milo and I am a nocturnal creature which means I only like to come out and play at night! My passion is building tree forts, but not just any tree forts. I seek out creatures in need and build them whatever their heart desires. I just want to make them smile! Smiling is the best. I love smiling. Even in tough situations, a simple smile can go a long way. I am a helper to all!

To build my own home, I burrow my talons deep into the dirt around the largest roots of the biggest and wisest tree in the forest. You see, the trees know everything. They have been here a lot longer than us! I like to ask them questions and learn as much as I can. 

I like to hide among the leaves and use my color-shifting skin to blend in. My current colors are ideal for Fall! When I’m feeling playful which, let’s be honest, is most of the time… I like to hide very quietly and jump out and surprise passing Wild Souls. No one can surprise the surpriser!

Get to know me better by clicking here!

These die cut stickers are made from thick, durable vinyl which protects them from scratches, water and sunlight. It measures 2.5" x 2.47". Vibrant, full color digital print.

Stickers are super fun to stick on anything such as water bottles, laptops, journals, planners or even collect them in an album!. Stickers are sweet, small gifts that can be given to a friend or loved one. An art print and sticker make a wonderful combination!

Item will ship via USPS in 1-3 days from West Lafayette, Indiana.

Please notify Jess of any problems you may experience and she will make it right! Full refunds offered within 14 days of purchase.

Show off your Wild Souls! Be sure to post your pics on our Instagram and Facebook! Give us a follow and tag with @WonderfulWildSouls and use the hashtag #WonderfulWildSouls! We love seeing our Wild Souls on their adventures in the great big world.


Original Illustration / Design © Jess Emery-McGregor / Wonderful Wild Souls

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