Rainy Day Betty | Sticker


Greetings! I am the one and only, Executive of the Wild Souls. I am in charge of wandering the Wild Souls neighborhood to make sure everything is in working order, making sure the humans don’t stumble upon our paradise and also protecting Paw Paw, the Keeper of Secrets (more on her later!) The umbrella I carry has only one use – to cover up Paw Paw and shield her from the wild storms that come through Wildtown. In short, if anyone has a problem, they come to me! (aka The Boss).

I guess you could describe my personality as having a “mama bear” attitude. I will do anything for my fellow Wild Souls. It wasn't easy getting into this position though. I attended several schools, acquired many degrees and went to workshops for 100 years to prepare for my  responsibility as Executive of the Wild Souls. I am a leader at heart, and I enjoy the company of all creatures and helping them with anything they may need.

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These die cut stickers are made from thick, durable vinyl which protects them from scratches, water and sunlight. It measures 1.89" x 2.5" . Vibrant, full color digital print.

Stickers are super fun to stick on anything such as water bottles, laptops, journals, planners or even collect them in an album!. Stickers are sweet, small gifts that can be given to a friend or loved one. An art print and sticker make a wonderful combination!

Item will ship via USPS in 1-3 days from West Lafayette, Indiana.

Please notify Jess of any problems you may experience and she will make it right! Full refunds offered within 14 days of purchase.

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Original Illustration / Design © Jess Emery-McGregor / Wonderful Wild Souls


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